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A selection of
Speaking Engagements

“Your work is remarkable and you are leaving behind such a treasure for all of us to use in practice and enable children and individuals to improve their lives.”

-Student on INPP Practitioner Course 2022
British Dyslexia Association (BDA) Conference

University of York. April 2001

Irish Learning Support Association (ILSA)

Dublin 2001

Orthoptist Conference 


Royal Northern College of Music Dalcroze Conference 


Early Years Education Journal (EYE) Conference

Birmingham 2011

PWN Publisher Conference

Warsaw 2011

European Parliament, working committee on The Quality of Childhood in Europe

Brussels May2011

World Conference in Early Childhood 

Dornach, Switzerland April 2012

Therapeutic Services.  Training in the INPP School Programme to Physical Therapists

New York City, USA  March 2012 and 2015

Early Years Conferences

Doncaster  2011

Cambridge 2017

Sheffield 2018

Exeter 2019

Barnsley 2023

Cross party parliamentary committee on early childhood and well being

Westminster  London   June 2014

Tomatis International Conference

 Poland 2018

PATOSS Chester


Embodied Psychology Webinar


The II International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference,

Kogito-Center - Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.

(online)   October 22-23, 2020

INPP International Conferences

1989 - 2021

The Conference for Acceptance, Participation and Social Solidarity – Interdisciplinary Challenges in Creating Community for All

The Maria Grzegorzewska University

Warsaw, Poland (online)  15th December 2022

Other Media

The Moral Maze

BBC Radio 4

Bringing up Britain

BBC Radio 4

Interviews on Early Childhood Education and the value of fairytales

BBC Radio 5  and local radio stations

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