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Published articles

Baby‘s First Playground
You and Your Baby magazine 1998


Cited in: Primary children denied basic learning skills
Article by Lucien Jenkins. Music Teacher. April 1998.


Music Matters
Music Teacher. September 1998


Why Movement Matters to Your Child
Natural Parent. January 1999


Cited in: A delicate balancing act.  Clumsy children can be helped over time.
Article by Celestria Noel. The Times. 3.7. 99


First Steps to the Most Important A,B,C.
Times Education Supplement. January 2000.


Why our children roll and tumble
First Steps magazine (Australia). Issue 13.


In Praise of Song and Dance
Times Education Supplement


Mind and Body
Nursery World. 15.6.00.


Balancing act for better body control
Times Education Supplement 7.12.01.


Table manners for a tubby nation.

TES. 9th March 2001.


Cited in: Unsteady progress. Can classroom exercise really prevent dyslexia?”
Article by Phil Revell. The Guardian.16.7.02.


Attention, Balance and Coordination
(Sally Goddard Blythe)
Special Children, January 2003


Cited in: Back to Babyhood
Article by Stephanie Northern. Times Education Supplement. 11.6.04

Your child‘s first teacher

Playtime not optional
Times Education Supplement


Reflections of brain-body functioning
Medical Veritas 2:562-566. December 2005


Transcript of a radio interview with Sally Goddard Blythe for AutismOne Radio
Medical Veritas, December 2005


Cited in: A Circular Road to Recovery
Daily Telegraph, 28.7. 2005


The Importance of Sounding Out for Hearing Within
Special Needs Coordinators File, May 2005


Motor Skills Drive Success
Times Educational Supplement, April 2005


Dissecting Factors in Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Medical Veritas. Volume 3/2006. 786-795


Releasing Intelligence through Movement
Special Needs Coordinators File, January 2005

Cerebellar Theory Should Not be Discounted in Response to Aggressive Marketing Strategy
Dyslexia Online Journal


Lost in Education - Identifying and Help for the Under-Achieving Child
February 2005


Sports Day - Fun for All?
Times Education Supplement


Music and Physical Education are Primary Needs
Montessori International Journal. July-September 2006.


Children need play
Letter to The Independent 14.9.2006


Literacy born out of physical education
Times Education Supplement.7.9.07.


What babies need
First Steps magazine (Australia). Issue 59. 2008


To be literate, children must be fit
Letter to The Times 25.7.2008


Impact of the electronic media (Extract from “What babies and children really need”)
Montessori International Journal Summer 2008

Many children lack the motor skills required for learning, says new study

Early Years Educator (EYE)  October 2019.


The Body Learns Too: How the Brain–Body Relationship Helps to Lay Down Highways of the Mind

Self & Society Vol 48 No. 2 Autumn 2020


Children may not be ‘physically’ ready to start school

 Nursery World. Wednesday, March 10, 2021


Feeling with the eyes

AHPb Magazine for Self & Society | No. 9, 2022

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