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Neurological Correlation of Dyspraxia. The Role of Primitive reflexes in the presentation of dyspraxia

Updated: Apr 5

Information from the Autism Hour Summit 2024:

"PlayStreet Specially Abled Educare Trust presents a mind-blowing event in April 2024: “The Autism Hour Summit”, aligning with World Autism Awareness Month. This summit promises insightful discussions that delve into crucial aspects of autism and dyspraxia, offering pathways to support within our vibrant community.

Discovering New Horizons: Autism Hour Summit 2024

Did you know that 80% of autistic people show signs of Dyspraxia? Yet, only, 6.9% of Autistic adults are diagnosed with Dyspraxia.

The Autism Hour Summit 2024 explores the theme of "The Impact of Dyspraxia in the lives of Individuals with Autism," shedding light on essential challenges and support pathways within the autism spectrum. Join us as we understand and address the complexities of dyspraxia and its implications for daily life and development within our community.

Understanding Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia, a neurological condition affecting movement coordination and cognitive processing, often intersects with autism spectrum disorders. The summit aims to understand dyspraxia, offering insights into its significant impact on individuals' daily lives and developmental journey within the autism spectrum.

Navigating Challenges

From sensory sensitivities to motor skill difficulties, dyspraxia presents a myriad of challenges that individuals and families confront daily. Through the summit, we explore strategies, therapies, and support systems crafted to enhance quality of life and promote holistic development for individuals with dyspraxia and autism.

Empowering Conversations

At the core of the summit lies the power of dialogue and shared experiences. Engage in insightful discussions and real-life narratives, empowering caregivers, educators, and individuals within the autism community to build understanding, acceptance, and meaningful support for those affected by dyspraxia.

Date and Time

The Autism Hour Summit 2024 kicks off on April 2nd [Tuesday] and runs through April 30th [Tuesday], offering engaging sessions and interactive discussions on YouTube for free!

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