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One Day Course for Teachers online 12th September 2022

In the wake of the pandemic we are seeing more children struggling with the basic educational skills of reading and writing and the legacy of limited time engaged in physical activities and socialisation.

Some of these issues were a matter of growing concern before Covid hit our shores (See article: Neuromotor Readiness for School published in Education 3 – 13 autumn 2021), with successive pilot projects indicating that there had been a gradual increase in immaturity in children’s motor skills between 2005 and 2021.

INPP is offering a one day online course for teachers in the use of the published screening test used in the above studies and the developmental movement programme for use in schools.

The developmental movement programme was designed to improve children’s neuromotor skills as the physical basis for control of the eye movements needed for reading, hand-eye coordination involved in writing and the postural stability needed to sit still.

Places on this course, which is due to be offered online on the 12th September 2022 are limited. For information contact: #

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