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One Day Course in Assessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning on Friday 17th

A recent survey of 265 Key Stage 1 children from 4 schools in the Midlands, using the INPP Screening Test and School Intervention programme, has confirmed a link between neuromotor immaturity(NMI) and lower educational performance.

The researcher also investigated the relationship between ability grouping in each school and signs of NMI.  The results revealed that children with NMI were more likely to be in the lower ability groups in each school and vice-versa and therefore at risk of under-achieving.[1]

This one day course will provide instruction in the use of The INPP Screening Tests for use in Schools[1]  and, how to implement The INPP Developmental Movement Programme as a class based activity in school to improve signs of NMI and provide children with a firm physical foundation to support learning.

For further information please visit our training pages at, telephone 01244 311414 or email:

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