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The 22nd INPP International Conference, Vienna. 13th and 14th September 2014

Child Development and Stress

At the invitation of INPP Austria and Switzerland

Instantaneous translation between German and English will be available for all presentations

Never before have children in the industrial nations been able to grow up in such safe and peaceful conditions, with a right to health and education. But, in schools, nurseries and practices we see more and more children, who are highly stressed, full of anger and fear, worried, exhausted, irritable and poorly regulated. Studies in Great Britain and Ireland have shown a growing number of children, who are not physically ready to fulfil the demands of formal education and to achieve at school.

The 22nd International Conference of Neurodevelopmental Delay in Children will explore underlying factors and solutions.

Speakers will include the following international experts:

Prof. Joachim Bauer, Universitätsklinik Freiburg, D:

Title: Basal neurobiological systems behind the psychological development of children: Motivation, stress, mirror neurons and aggression

Sally Goddard Blythe MSc., Director of the Institute for Neurophysiological Psychology Chester, GB:

Title: Neuromotor Immaturity in Children and Adults: Why we should not divorce the mind from the body

Prof. Dr. Heinz Prechtl from Prof. Prechtl-Center, Graz, A:

Title: The Prechtl-Syndrome

Prof. Dr. Robert Barton from University Durham, GB:

Title: Cerebellar involvement in brain evolution, development and behaviour

Dr. med. Bruno Maggi, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician and Manual Therapist, Zürich, CH:

Title: The influence of functional disorders of the upper cervical spine on the psychomotor functions of infants and school children

Prof. Dr. Christa Einspieler from Medizinische Universität, Graz, A:

Title: Does maternal stress affect fetal behavior? Or, The stressed fetus – facts and myths

Camilla Leslie MRCLST. MASLTIP . UK National Director for Johanson IAS. GB

Title: Auditory processing dysfunction and stress in children.

Prof. Dr. med. Walter Lichtensteiger, Co-Director of the Group for Reproductive, Endocrine and Environmental Toxicology, Zürich, CH:

Title: Hormonal active chemicals, brain development and behaviour: What do we know actually?

Mag. Dr. Damir Lovric from the University of Innsbruck, A:

Title: The effect of stress in mind, brain and body

Judith Höferlin, Physiotherapist and Manual Therapist from Basel, CH:

Title: Craniocervical dysfunction and its influence on the autonomic nervous system and the Moro reflex.

An event by

     Neurophysiologische Entwicklungsförderung NDT

Austria and Switzerland

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