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World Book Day: Stories with movement activities for young children

Excerpt from: Movement Your Child’s First Language

A new day

All was quiet in the garden. Night had covered the flowers and creatures in a cloak of darkness. The flowers had curled up inside their petals to keep warm and most of the creatures except Bertie the Badger and Mol the Owl (who both worked at night), were sound asleep.

As a chink of light started to rise in the distant sky, the birds began to chatter.

“Time to get up; time to get up; it’s a beautiful day; the worms are out and it’s time to play………..”

“No time to sleep; can’t stay still; too much to do; time to eat; come along, fly….. with me; come and greet the dawn; it’s a beau….tiful day”.

As the birds, swooped and sang at the joy

of greeting a new day, the other inhabitants of the garden began to stir.

Dizzy the Daisy was a sun lover. Night time was all right because she could wrap her petals around herself into a warm


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